Michael MacDonald’s (biblio)Mania

Having had some excellent reviews from Michael we decided it was high time he had a page of his own! So, from the top are his most recent reviews with his ones from the blog following on.

bean  Mr Bean’s Joke Book by Rod Green.

This is a perfect book for kids because it is really funny.It has jokes for everyday of the week and has funny pictures in too.

under  The Adventures of Captain Underpants now in full colour by Dav Pilkey.

This story was about a man who turns into a superhero names Captain Underpants.With the help of two boys named George and Harold they manage to save the world. My favourite part was when George and Harold shot a rubber doo-doo through the air and it landed at Dr Nappy’s (The bad guy) feet. Dr Nappy thought he had had a accident in his nappy. Would give this book a 10 out of 10 as it was very very funny and has lots of colourful pictures and even flip-o-rama’s.

frankie  Frankie’s Magic Football-Frankie’s Kangaroo Caper by Frank Lampard.

The story is about a boy named Frankie who has a football which is magic. It teleports him and his friends to different places. In this story he ends up in Australia in search of a missing Kangaroo. At the end of the book I like going back through to try and find the hidden item. (Bad news, this book is currently unavailable).

daisy  Daisy and the trouble with Jack by Ken Gray.

This book was really funny. My favourite part was when Jack was describing what a giraffe would sound like if they were robots.I also really liked how you could read what both Jack and Daisy were saying along side each other.

enid  The Famous Five-When Timmy Chased the Cat by Enid Blyton.

This story was about four children and there dog Timmy. On the way to the Cinema, Timmy chases a cat and loses his name tag. When the children go back to look for it they end up saving somebody’s life.

Excellent work again, Michael, thanks for those.

stick   Stick Dog Wants a Hotdog by Tom Watson

This book was really funny! The story is about a group of dogs who are trying to plan out how they can steal some frankfurters from the man in the park, one of the dogs called ‘Mutt’ calls a Racoon who is also trying to steal the frankfurters ‘Philys’ which is an old ladies name. They get up to lots of funny things.

arthur   Arthur and the Yeti by Johanne Mercier.

‘I like this book because Arthur thinks there is a Yeti around but it turns out to be CENSORED DUE TOSPOILER ALERT!!!!!

stan   Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.

‘ This book was very funny. Stanley wakes up one morning flat after a board falls on him overnight. He gets to do lots of fun things and even gets posted to America, which is awesome.’

hank  Young Hank Zipzer: Bookmarks Are People Too by Henry Winkler.

‘I would give this book 10 out of 10. It is so funny. The main character is Hank. He ends up getting a part in the school play as the bookmark after forgetting his lines in his audition.In the end he saves the day when the bully forgets his lines.’

They are excellent reviews Michael (even though I amended one!), thanks very much I’m really glad you enjoyed reading those books.

dict  Oxford Children’s Dictionary

Meanwhile, Michael decided he needed a dictionary to help him with some of the new words he is reading these days. It appears this is a winner!

Michael loves that dictionary we bought from you. It’s very good. (Not Michael-esque in it’s review but to be fair mum didn’t expect it to end up on here!)

Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing you all again soon.