Green Duck

Green Duck has been complaining because I haven’t been posting pictures of his adventures. For this I apologise, but it is a bit tricky to keep up with him and I am a little green with envy of all of the places he gets to.

Latest trips include Bruges, Copenhagen and Northern Ireland where he got a certificate!

image2  Feeling brave next to the lion (or maybe he’s hiding so it can’t see him!)

Little Mermaid, Little Prince, Hamlet’s Castle, it’s all the same to Green Duck, he’s happy to photo bomb the lot! He also found time to make new friends (who may have relatives in Japan!)

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland Game of Thrones fan Green Duck had a great time, but still managed to chill out on the beach (and hid in the Titanic Logo, can you see where?)

WOW! Green Duck has been a busy chap, so busy in fact that he recently had to subcontract his modelling work out to a close friend of his – Blue Duck!

So, below are the snaps of his trips to Center Parcs, The Life Centre, South Yorkshire and, most impressively, Japan.

Multi- talented Green Duck can put his hand to bivvy making and moped riding.

Proper Geordie Green Duck ‘hoying’ his best look at the camera.

Getting back to nature and having a natter with some long lost friends.

“I’m wake awake, I’ve a busy day ahead” at the Travelodge before embarking on a spying mission in Thirsk!

Not just a pretty face, Green Duck is a lover of the arts (KAWS & AI WEIWEI) too ~#YSP

Other side of the World and Green Duck eventually escaped from the suitcase for some sightseeing. He even managed to blend in with the others at a Pancake House.

Harry Potter World! & Legoland, Green Duck doesn’t do half measures when it comes to going on family fun holidays!

No sign of cabers or kilts but plenty of high brow culture (and beer and wool) on Green Duck’s trip to Edinburgh.

Green Duck has spread his wings so to speak and has been on a couple of holidays recently.

1st trip (with not many photos) was to France which saw Green Duck’s inaugural flight!

IMG_2341    IMG_2342

He then had a very literary trip to London where it appears he hijacked Brian’s weekend away!

IMG_20160227_124900_edit_edit   IMG_20160227_125739

   IMG_20160228_132122   IMG_20160228_143139_edit_edit_edit   IMG_20160228_132817_edit

IMG_20160228_110047  IMG_20160228_105901_hdr

Next stop Edinburgh and then Center Parcs!

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