Book Gifts

Not sure what your book loving friend wants for their next birthday or Christmas?

Need a different Christening present from the norm?

With DRAKE – The Bookshop Book Gifts you can give a book gift with a twist.

Give us an idea of what your friend/relation likes and we will pick a selection of books for them. Each book will be delivered to them over a period of time selected by you and each tissue paper wrapped and posted (free in the UK) to them.

Fill in the fields below and we will be in touch with regard to delivery address, delivery times and payment.

Christening Gift (books suitable for any child in their 1st year).

Young Children (books for children up to the age of 5).

Kids (suitable for children between 5 and 12, let us know how strong a reader they are).

Young Adults (suitable for kids from 12 to 16 ish).

Fiction (a selection of recently released books based on their pen pic and genre).

Christening / Young Children / Kids selection

3 Books = £30.00.   6 Books = £50.00.   12 books = £90.00.

Young Adult / Fiction selection

3 Books = £35.00.   6 Books = £60.00.   12 books = £105.00.

For frequency of delivery, would you like them delivered MONTHLY, BIMONTHLY, QUARTERLY?


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