WARNING – lengthy catch up Blog


Good afternoon from a rather guilty feeling DRAKE – The Bookshop, where it was discovered the last blog was in March!

You’d thing we had nothing to talk about (like that’s ever happened), but as you will see….. far from it!

So, take a big, deep breath cos here we go.

Green Duck and Richard went to their 1st Book Launch at the start of June. Teesside author and Uni of Teesside lecturer Gabrielle Kent released the second of her Alfie Bloom series (signed copies available of both book in the shop). Then afterwards there was a staff trip (including the U3A work experience girl) out for tea!

In celebration of the unveiling of our James Patterson Storytime Corner we were lucky enough to convince Bethan Woollvin ot read to us live via Skype. The kids loved Little Red and were all comfy at the same time!

We have had 1 or 2 other live via Skype events (Will Mabbutt, “This is not a Bedtime Story”) and we are always on the look out for other author to join us.

Kids artwork and a piece by a fantastic illustrator!

Independent Bookshop Week was AMAAAAAAAZING thanks mainly to these 3 fantastic ladies. 3 days, 6 schools and hundreds of happy kids as Ros, Gabrielle and Sally wowed everyone with their artistic talent and storytelling skills. Thanks again ladies it was a blast! Signed copies are still available in the shop by the way.

Never one to miss an opportunity to don the Wally costume, The British National Road Race Championships gave me the perfect opportunity! Famous cyclists (Dame Sarah Storey, Hayley Simmonds), a trophy and members of the Council who should have been at work?

A fantastic Saturday in July saw one of my favourite authors venture to town. How appropriate that local author Peter Robinson should come to Stockton to do a signing given the geography of his latest  Banks novel When the Music’s Over. Thanks Peter and thanks everyone who came along to make it such a successful afternoon.

Anyway, that’s us pretty much up to date. I’m sure I have forgotten lots that has happened and lots that is due to happen, but keep watching and reading.

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