1st Review of 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s a review of a book I probably need to go back and finish from Mel…

RAILHEAD by Philip Reeve


Finally! A book which unites the two Nerdoms of Science Fiction / Fantasy writing and train spotting – what is not to like?

In Philip Reeve’s well thought out future universe of The Great Network, the galaxy is navigated by sentient trains. Train enthusiasts of The Great Network are known as Rail Heads. Zen Starling is a Rail Head, he’s also a petty thief living a nothing special life in an unimportant industrial back water of the galaxy. His expert thievery has caught the attention of the mysterious Raven, who has lived hundreds of lives and travelled to the farthest reaches of time and space. What could Raven possibly want with someone as seemingly insignificant as Zen? Is Zen just a disposable pawn to deliver a final act of galaxy destroying revenge for Raven? Or is Raven handing Zen a chance to find his own destiny?

Rail Head is a satisfyingly layered story; in turns an exciting race against time to unlock answers to the existence of The Great Network, and a story which explores the complexities of friendship, trust and love, especially when the person you need to trust with your mortal life is not a human.

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