Antoine Laurain


“What use is a bookshop that only has the book you are looking for?”

An so this was never a more true quote than when I was scouting around before we opened. My day’s work experience at The Little Ripon Bookshop culminated in me stumbling across this author. The Red Notebook is my favourite book. Quirky, funny, warm, and just the perfect amount of sweet and sickly! Laurent the bookseller, a stolen handbag containing no personal details but lots of personal information in the notebook and an ensuing search to reunite.

I couldn’t offer another book like it but AMELIE (the film) gave me the same warm, glowing feeling!

Meanwhile, The President’s Hat is just that. A man having dinner on his own at the table next to the President followed by a possession forgotten, followed by a tale that leaves no loose threads. To tell any more would be to lose the originality and enjoyment!

I have not regretted being able to read French better than I do until I finished these – I am sure they are even more charming in their native tongue.


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