WOW! What a week! Definitely no time for the post “DURING” so here is a whistle stop tour of the last 7 days in the life of DRAKE – The Bookshop and its main characters.

From here    IMG_1392-1    to here    IMG_1408    via here    IMG_1406                          and here    IMG_1401    showing off this    IMG_1431

Alongside this,     FullSizeRender    with these for company    IMG_1411    and these from our lovely suppliers    flowers

Culminating with this    IMG_1445    and the frilly bits that look like this    IMG_1441                                  and this    IMG_1451

Out 1st foray into the world of books was at the Gardners Trade Show at Warwick University where we met @CressidaCowell (How to Train Your Dragon) and got some signed copies of her new book for the shop (and a cheeky personalised copy for Matthew); having been to @treehousebkshop to say hi. We were made to feel amazingly welcome by everyone from @burrowmeinbook to @HoZ_books to @accentpress as well as Andy from @panmacmillan who told Matthew his drawing was crap! (actually the biggest compliment he could have given! We also finally got to meet Natasha and Jim from ChickenandFrog and had chance to thank them for all the support they gave us in the setting up.

And then came Monday! 15 boxes and “we’ll be open for lunchtime” from Richard. Lunchtime on Monday and we were ready to open! Except that lunchtime on Monday came at 3:00pm! But at least we were ready to go 1st thing Tuesday morning.

If DRAKE – The Bookshop had been a ship then she would have been given the perfect send off by our good friends Andy and Lou, but DRAKE – The Bookshop is made of paper and was a little damper shortly after the cork came out of the champagne bottle! Still, it lifted everyone’s spirits and set us on course for the rest of an amazing week.

We celebrated our 1st sale and added to our ever growing, catchily titled “retweeted by famous people list” when Joanne Harris retweeted our picture.

Wednesday saw more sales and this time to people we didn’t know! We also received an email from the grandson of a happy customer which lifted a pretty buoyant mood even further! email comp

Arriving at the shop on Thursday I was farily convinced we had reached the peak of week 1 but a blushing Interflora delivery man proved me wrong as he passed on a fabulous bouquet from Gardners.

Never one to stand on ceremony I sent out a tweet to @petersidwell who was doing a demonstration at the Stockton Food Festival on Saturday. I was pretty blown away when he said he would come in and sign some books; more blown away when he arrived and did sign and also bought “Leading”. His final piece de resistance was to point a lady in the direction of our shop when she wanted a recipe he had been talking about – maybe we should have put him on commission!

Not the smallest of nutshells, but that is it apart from a quick mention for @ILoveStocktonMe who were fantastic in their praise “Fab new book shop in the #enterprisearcade Ordered a book yesterday afternoon – in the store this morning. Can’t complain at service like that! Do check out the brilliant #drakebookshop”

Hopefully, there will be a little time to keep the blog more up to date and keep an eye out as we may soon have a new “Guest Book Reviewer” and if we’re really lucxky it might be in the form of a poem! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Thanks everyone, speak soon.


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