Mobile Library by David Whitehouse

IMG_1381 This is our first book review at DRAKE -The Bookshop, and it is quite fitting that it should be a book lent to us by the wonderful Adrienne Burrow (@burrowmeinbook) from Gardners who has not only helped us with our opening stock order, but has been unfailingly enthusiastic with her support and reassurances as well.

A story about a boy who runs away from home in a mobile library and discovers the wonderful power that books can have in your life. If you like your stories dark and comically quirky, you’ll love this book.

Lonely Bobby Nusku, bullied at school and with a troubled home life forms an unlikely friendship with the cleaner of a mobile library, and her daughter Rosa. They embark on a road trip together, triggering a nationwide manhunt. On the run from the police they meet another stranger who is also hiding from the world and the story takes another twist.

Reading his way across the country in the back of the library van, Bobby not only learns about the magic of books, but also about friendship, loyalty, love and family. Whitehouse makes a good balance between warm and magical without being too syrupy, and gives us enough edgy darkness to add depth without breaking the spell.


RECOMMENDATIONS similar to this book:

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Mark Haddon);
  • Smart (Kim Slater)
Adrienne was even kind enough to lend a personlised, signed copy! #amazing

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